he'll cry buckets and buckets
john watson's definitely in danger




I’m laughing so hard omfg


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itwouldbetherapeutic said: origami

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official comic con posters for all three hobbit films

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Your book ginny is showing….

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you know what constantly blew my mind as a child

in movies when a character is looking straight into their reflection in a mirror


how does the camera not show up in the mirror

actually never mind about the whole “as a child” business i still haven’t figured this out

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gingerthon asked for nerd sherlock ages ago

he probably gets teased for not knowing the solar system a lot

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While some lucky fannibals are at comic con, pannibal and meeting King Fuller + others, I’m here sitting at home, sobbing and eating candy so much that I will have pancreatic necrosis.

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You have got to get me out.

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Imagine after he shoots Magnussen, Sherlock is anxiously washing his hands and face, then looks up at the mirror in front of him and all he can see surrounding his reflection is the word ‘murderer’.

And then a short while later he sees John who turns to him and smiles a sad but comforting smile, and all Sherlock sees surrounding John is the word ‘safe’

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